What We Do

  • Small lacrosse leagues and tournaments. All sizes, skills, and ages. Mostly for charity. All for fun.
  • Small (2-5 player) fundamental sessions. Get better at what matters in under an hour!
  • Small sided games (speed lacrosse, chumash, trash can, etc.).


  • Confidence and Competence by teaching the proper fundamentals and skills that will allow success now and in the future.
  • Creativity and Enthusiasm by integrating new and challenging skills while allowing use of indidudual playing style.
  • Focus by challenging them to be present and to give their all during every rep.
  • Persistence by encouraging them to get up and try again when they do not succeed.

Lacrosse is not an easy sport to play and an effective player is made in any sport with a variety of fundamentals and skills.

With the explosion of travel team lacrosse at younger and younger levels, development of fundamental skills has been kicked to the curb. Often we see youth players who “dominate” their sport at the entry levels through sheer size and raw athletic ability. They are labeled a future all-america before the age of 10. But what happens to those athletes when everyone around them catches up. How do they compare to the young players that embraced the fundamentals?

And let’s face it. Coaching a lacrosse TEAM is complicated. After doing man-up, man-down, rides, clears, team O, team D, is there time to work on simple ground balls, dodging, or defensive footwork? Not really. It’s difficult to worry about individual skills in a team environment. As a result, it gets lost.

Simple fact - Great fundamentals increase a players chances of success exponentially over their peers who do not possess them. And becoming a good lacrosse player starts almost exclusively with the fundamentals.

Take for example the ability to catch and throw. If you catch the ball the correct way, it sets up almost every other skill in the sport including shooting, dodging, and passing the ball to open teammates. Throwing the ball with the correct release allows you to shoot hard down the road and be quick and accurate with passes.

Fundamental skills are skills are hard to teach the RIGHT WAY. Let us help take your groups fundamentals to the next level. Ask how: info@capitalspeed.co