Lacrosse Goal Rejectors - ClassicsAwesome Lacrosse Goal Rejectors! Improve shot placement and have more fun shooting with Cradlebaby Rejectors. We have changed the game with the introduction rejectors that are a fraction of the weight (less than 1 lb.) of standard ones, and are a cinch to put on and take off. Now you can throw one in your coaching bag to have on hand at every practice. Players, you now have a mobile shot blocker any time you head to your local field to shoot. Sizes Cradlebaby Rejectors come in 4 sizes. Two designed for field lacrosse goals (6' x 6') and two for box or indoor goals (4' x 4').  Field Lacrosse The standard size for field goals is 4.25' x 4.25'. This means that there's a reasonable 10 inches or so on all sides for a successful shot. The more advanced rejectors are 5' x 5' and provide only about 6 inches to score. Box Lacrosse For box/indoor goals our standard size is 3' x 3'. Yep, that only allows 6 inches on each side, but box players are tough. The advanced size are 3.5' x 3.5', which require the most accurate shot of all of our rejectors.   As if that's not enough... you can have custom rejectors made for a small extra cost. See below. Custom Rejectors Available Laxcb delivers custom rejectors for less than most charge for the boring old heavy and bulky black ones. Great for creative kids, schools, programs and lacrosse clubs.   In Action These industrial strength shot blockers may be lightweight and easy to set up but they can take a beating without backing down.