Smaller Lacrosse IS Better Lacrosse

Summer 2020

Mid July Through August

  • 3 v 3 SPEED Lacrosse® league
  • COED Kindergarten thru 8th grade
  • Requires only a stick and a mouthguard

Why Play SPEED Lacrosse®?

  • SPEED Lacrosse® is 3 vs 3
  • SPEED Lacrosse® significantly reduces barriers to entry and makes sampling lacrosse simple
  • SPEED Lacrosse® accelerates advanced lacrosse training and creates playing opportunities for players of all ages
  • SPEED Lacrosse® focuses on lacrosse’s core fundamentals while raising the bar for diverse multi-sport athleticism
  • SPEED Lacrosse® is a true weapon for athletic development
  • If you love sports, SPEED Lacrosse®